“The President of No!”

During the last 20 months many on the left have relished in portraying the Republicans in Congress as “The Party of No!”

…especially President Obama!

Now, the Republicans are on the verge of re-taking the House and possibly the Senate on November 2. The Republican leadership has been busy formulating and prioritizing legislation which they intend to introduce on January 2 or shortly thereafter.

The President has already told the Republicans THEY will have to work with HIM to get any legislation passed or risk the veto pen (which will be very difficult to override). If (when) the President begins vetoing legislation I believe he runs the risk of becoming seen as “The President of No!” Then HE will be the one seen as obstructionist and his popularity will continue to decline.

The Republicans must be unceasing in their efforts to repair the enormous damage done by this administration and their efforts to “fundamentally change the country.” They (the Republicans) must be prepared for the inevitable onslaught of name-calling, finger-pointing, accusations, and other efforts aimed at dissuading them from their mission!

The PRESIDENT must be the one relegated to “lame duck” status for the next two years!

If the President begins using his veto pen,¬†Republicans must then assist the President in becoming “The President of No!”

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