If You Stop Churning the Cream You Will Never Get the Butter

The Republican Party has been infiltrated by Progressives, right? With a few exceptions that includes everyone in the party prior to the 2008 elections. How many examples can we all give of a moderate Republican jumping in front of the Tea Party parade and claiming to be the Conservative’s best friend?

I remember when Boehner was elected Speaker in 2010. There was some outrage from the tea party, but his election as Speaker was not a real surprise. We just didn’t [and still don’t] have the numbers to do otherwise.

The pendulum has swung back towards the Progressives, and many on our side are hanging their heads and are ready to quit. But the same thing happened in 2008. It took a while to get rolling, but the tea party sprung to life and became a formidable political force.

History has shown that nearly all off year elections have moved away from the party in power. 2014 could be a repeat of 2010. The farm team IS operational. We just have to keep feeding it with good candidates, knowing that most will not make the grade.

The search for credible leadership is a slow deliberate process. But if you stop churning the cream, you will never get the butter.

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  • Kirk M. Collins  On December 9, 2012 at 3:48 am

    The Tea Party needs to vest less dependability on the Republican Party and focus more on independent candidates. Most Republicans are going to follow the status quo of Obama and the DNC simply to save their jobs. They will be back, as you said, to kissing up to the Tea Party once their elections roll around, but Tea Party supporters simply need to see that being a Republican is no longer synonymous with conservatism.

  • Milton Richards  On December 9, 2012 at 4:54 am

    Kirk, I agree. It would seem that running as an Independent would be much easier in off year elections since there is no Electoral College. The Tea Party has never been enamored with the Rep. Party. However, it may be easier to purge the party of Progressives than to try to build some kind of Independent or third party. We were pretty succesful with that in 2010, so we know it can be done. But as expected, the Progressive Rep. leadership feels rightfully threatened and will do what think they need to do to marginalize the real Conservatives.

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