The Reluctant Leader

When the Tea Party movement was birthed incumbent Republicans (and I’ll say most are rinos) were all over each other jumping in front of the parade, especially in the elections of 2010. Since then most of them (the incumbents) have withered under fire and retreated to their rino habitats.

The reason is obvious. Tea Party freshmen have had to carry little, if any, baggage to get where they are. Most have been true to their Conservative core values, but some are beginning to weaken (understandably). Conservatives in the media are burned at the stake daily. Even Sarah Palin has had to take a breather.

The Progressives have been working their magic for decades – using the redistricting process, exploiting the media, and thwarting procedural rules to manipulate the system.

If our cause is true, we will continue to elect more and more Conservatives. Eventually, we could reach critical mass and get some things done.

But I think the rank and file of the movement has been thinned. Many who had lots of energy have instead been busy hunkering down for the coming collapse. I am one of those. My hope meter is currently bouncing on zero.

The beauty of the Tea Party movement has been its cellular structure with no clear leader. Some would also argue that is it’s greatest weakness. What we need is a new Conservative hero – a new Washington or Reagan.

Maybe Rand Paul is our guy.

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  • Milton Richards  On May 30, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    As it turns out, I was right. I am happy to rally around our new President, Donald Trump!

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