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Time to Re-Group

The Tea Party movement is alive and well, although some would have you believe it is on its last breath. Recently elected “Conservatives” are talking in shakey voices and sounding Progressive. The IRS has executed a good one-two punch. The MSM sycophants and brown nosers continue to get tingles up their legs with everything Obama does. The NSA is becoming the “telescreen” of 1984, listening to and watching our every move. In many ways the Tea Party movement is being backed into a corner – maybe on purpose.

I thought 2010 was the start of something BIG. And is was – but just a start. Too many in the Conservative camp thought re-making the Republican Party was going to be easy, right? Just throw out the bad guys and replace them with good guys. I always knew SOME of the newly elected good guys would wilt in the heat of battle, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. It turns out (slap me silly) that some of them were never really Conservatives.

What’s going on right now is a clear display of the Limbaugh Theorem. It clearly describes the Progressive behavior of “defend it in public–defeat it in private.”

I am still not quite ready for a third party. I still believe we can bring about change from the inside. Anybody who thought this was going to be easy was dreaming. We are simply learning to adjust our strategy in the heat of battle. We can learn a great deal from our “failures.”

The next round of Republican primaries should be very interesting. Some of those who jumped in front of the parade in 2010 or 2012 may find themselves sweeping the street in 2014. That’s where my energy and my money will be going.