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The Back Seat

Recently, the President took what is called a Presidential Action, which has the effect of legalizing 4-5 million illegal immigrants. This is just one more example of the President’s habit of not enforcing existing law. Other blatant examples of non-enforcement include the Defense of Marriage Act and the Civil Rights Act.

When the President acts outside the authority granted by the U.S. Constitution it is up to Congress to challenge that authority. It is their duty. It is part of their oath.

The people overwhelmingly oppose what he is doing (62%), yet the Congress hesitates to act in any substantial way. Oh, they run around crying foul with their righteous indignation, but nothing really happens. And maybe it’s unrealistic to expect the lame duck Congress to do anything. It remains to be seen whether the new Congress and a new Republican Senate will be able to move the ball on January 3, 2015.

The problem to me is pretty simple. The GOP does not have a comprehensive organized strategy to create and execute a narrative. Hundreds of bills have been debated and passed in the House and sit collecting dust somewhere in Harry Reid’s desk. That looks to me like the Senate is obstructing. And that’s within the Senate’s power. The problem is that the Republicans cannot or will not make that a focus issue.

The Republicans could do the same with de-funding or not funding Obama’s Presidential Actions. Let Obama veto the funding bill. Then make HIM the obstructionist. Again they are unable or unwilling to make it a focus issue.

Might it hurt a Senator’s or Representative’s chance for re-election? Maybe and maybe not. But it doesn’t really matter. The majority are paralyzed by irrational fear.

Courage is defined as pushing ahead in the face of fear to do the right thing. The Conservatives made strong gains in the 2014 elections, but until the courageous achieve critical mass, doing the right thing will take a back seat.