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Battle Fatigue

battle fatigue: a posttraumatic stress disorder occurring among soldiers engaged in active combat, characterized by excessive autonomic arousal, psychic numbing, and persistent reliving of traumatic experiences.

I have stopped using the traditional party names. The Republicans and Democrats of yesteryear are gone. They have become branches of the same Progressive Party.

As others have said, the Conservatives are being backed into a corner in trying to re-take the Republican Party. The odds of a “takeover” seem to be slipping away.

Forming a new third party will take time and a lot of money. But is that really necessary?

Essentially, the 2010 election cycle was the “birth” of the Conservative Party. It was easy for the Tea Party/Conservative candidates to utilize the infrastructure of the Republican Party and take advantage of the fact that the low information voters tend to stay home in the off years.

I believe this is the strategy we must continue to implement. Whether this can happen again in 2014 remains to be seen as I think the Conservative movement is currently suffering from the equivalent of “battle fatigue.”


The Reluctant Leader

When the Tea Party movement was birthed incumbent Republicans (and I’ll say most are rinos) were all over each other jumping in front of the parade, especially in the elections of 2010. Since then most of them (the incumbents) have withered under fire and retreated to their rino habitats.

The reason is obvious. Tea Party freshmen have had to carry little, if any, baggage to get where they are. Most have been true to their Conservative core values, but some are beginning to weaken (understandably). Conservatives in the media are burned at the stake daily. Even Sarah Palin has had to take a breather.

The Progressives have been working their magic for decades – using the redistricting process, exploiting the media, and thwarting procedural rules to manipulate the system.

If our cause is true, we will continue to elect more and more Conservatives. Eventually, we could reach critical mass and get some things done.

But I think the rank and file of the movement has been thinned. Many who had lots of energy have instead been busy hunkering down for the coming collapse. I am one of those. My hope meter is currently bouncing on zero.

The beauty of the Tea Party movement has been its cellular structure with no clear leader. Some would also argue that is it’s greatest weakness. What we need is a new Conservative hero – a new Washington or Reagan.

Maybe Rand Paul is our guy.

The Irony of Prepping – Or is it?

It is widely accepted in the Conservative community that Obama and the Progressives believe in the redistribution of wealth. The mantra is “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.” (a basic premise of Communism).

Their utopian system is based on collectivism – “It takes a village.” Agenda 21, if implemented fully, would forcefully move people from the rural areas back into the urban areas. The food production of the rural areas would be owned and controlled by the government for the benefit of the people as they see fit.

The ruling elites (from both parties) are slowly forcing us in the direction of collectivism, where we are forced to work together for the benefit of “the village,” all under the control of the ruling elites (or a dictator).

Now let’s look at prepping in the context of a total collapse of the economy. There are as many collapse scenarios as there are those with hypotheses regarding how that will unfold. But the end result is a reset to our way of living. Our house of cards would come tumbling down.

Prepping is based on the practice of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. We prepare for life without all the modern conveniences. We broaden our library of skills. We stockpile food, water, guns, and ammunition. We build backup systems for energy production. For really long-term scenarios we plan on producing our own food.

But most “experts” in the field believe that surviving a collapse will ultimately force survivors to work together collectively. We will have to come together into small protected communities to pool our resources and survival skills, much like scenes from “The Postman,” “Jericho,” “The Walking Dead,” and others.

The obvious difference between these two theories is freedom of choice.

I know which is preferrable for me and my family.

If You Stop Churning the Cream You Will Never Get the Butter

The Republican Party has been infiltrated by Progressives, right? With a few exceptions that includes everyone in the party prior to the 2008 elections. How many examples can we all give of a moderate Republican jumping in front of the Tea Party parade and claiming to be the Conservative’s best friend?

I remember when Boehner was elected Speaker in 2010. There was some outrage from the tea party, but his election as Speaker was not a real surprise. We just didn’t [and still don’t] have the numbers to do otherwise.

The pendulum has swung back towards the Progressives, and many on our side are hanging their heads and are ready to quit. But the same thing happened in 2008. It took a while to get rolling, but the tea party sprung to life and became a formidable political force.

History has shown that nearly all off year elections have moved away from the party in power. 2014 could be a repeat of 2010. The farm team IS operational. We just have to keep feeding it with good candidates, knowing that most will not make the grade.

The search for credible leadership is a slow deliberate process. But if you stop churning the cream, you will never get the butter.