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The Reluctant Leader

When the Tea Party movement was birthed incumbent Republicans (and I’ll say most are rinos) were all over each other jumping in front of the parade, especially in the elections of 2010. Since then most of them (the incumbents) have withered under fire and retreated to their rino habitats.

The reason is obvious. Tea Party freshmen have had to carry little, if any, baggage to get where they are. Most have been true to their Conservative core values, but some are beginning to weaken (understandably). Conservatives in the media are burned at the stake daily. Even Sarah Palin has had to take a breather.

The Progressives have been working their magic for decades – using the redistricting process, exploiting the media, and thwarting procedural rules to manipulate the system.

If our cause is true, we will continue to elect more and more Conservatives. Eventually, we could reach critical mass and get some things done.

But I think the rank and file of the movement has been thinned. Many who had lots of energy have instead been busy hunkering down for the coming collapse. I am one of those. My hope meter is currently bouncing on zero.

The beauty of the Tea Party movement has been its cellular structure with no clear leader. Some would also argue that is it’s greatest weakness. What we need is a new Conservative hero – a new Washington or Reagan.

Maybe Rand Paul is our guy.


If You Stop Churning the Cream You Will Never Get the Butter

The Republican Party has been infiltrated by Progressives, right? With a few exceptions that includes everyone in the party prior to the 2008 elections. How many examples can we all give of a moderate Republican jumping in front of the Tea Party parade and claiming to be the Conservative’s best friend?

I remember when Boehner was elected Speaker in 2010. There was some outrage from the tea party, but his election as Speaker was not a real surprise. We just didn’t [and still don’t] have the numbers to do otherwise.

The pendulum has swung back towards the Progressives, and many on our side are hanging their heads and are ready to quit. But the same thing happened in 2008. It took a while to get rolling, but the tea party sprung to life and became a formidable political force.

History has shown that nearly all off year elections have moved away from the party in power. 2014 could be a repeat of 2010. The farm team IS operational. We just have to keep feeding it with good candidates, knowing that most will not make the grade.

The search for credible leadership is a slow deliberate process. But if you stop churning the cream, you will never get the butter.

Where Now To Focus Conservative Energy?

Much energy (hand wringing and finger pointing) is currently being expended by the Republican establishment and others in the party regarding the Republican loss in November. Much criticism is being directed towards the Tea Party movement. By definition, a circular firing squad is not beneficial.

The critics say we must appeal more to the Hispanics, or the Blacks, the Gays, the Women, and other “groups.” The implication is that we will be able to actually change minds – change people from liberal thinking to conservative thinking. And, to be sure, SOME small number might be converted.

Here is my argument against that effort:

  1. First of all I think this is a knee-jerk reaction borne out of emotional thinking and the piling-on by the Democrats. Reacting from an emotional standpoint rarely gets the desired result and, in fact, usually ends up worsening the situation.
  2. Think about the person you are trying to convert. Most likely they are already receiving some kind of benefit from the government (taxpayers). They might work for the government or they might receive some form of tax break, tax credit, or a check. They are receiving something tangible and will vote to sustain it. The only way you are going to get their vote is to promise them more than they are already receiving. Doing that will only make the Republican Party more like the Democrat Party. Is that what we really want?

My solution is really very simple in concept though it might be difficult to execute. It’s VOTER TURNOUT!

How many Republicans stayed home and did not vote? The answer really is not that important. The point is that enough of them stayed home to change the outcome of the election – plain and simple.

How did this happen when Romney was on a roll and Obama was on the ropes?

Many reasons have been put forth:

  • Romney wasn’t Conservative enough
  • Romney avoided some of the issues which Obama couldn’t defend (Benghazi, for one)
  • The Republicans were too busy kicking imperfect candidates to the curb (Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock)
  • We did a lousy job of marketing our narrative
  • We allowed the Democrats to put us on the defense way too much
  • Many in the Tea Party and probably all of the Ron Paul supports got their feelings hurt at the convention, so they stayed home or voted with a write-in.

Turnout is the answer! We will have to let go of our petty differences. This is the only way to move the ball in the right direction.

Conservatives in safe “R” states have to be willing to help out in the swing states. This is exactly what the Tea Party Patriots and other groups did to help Scott Walker win the governorship of Wisconsin for the second time.

This is exactly what the libs do. They bring in their own grassroots groups by bus to put boots on the ground – SEIU, ACORN, and countless others.

The midterm elections of 2014 are not far away. We have to get up to speed with that strategy and we better start now!